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Tips for Betting on College Football
(Sports Thunder) By Mike Fallo, Contributing Editor

(Sports Thunder) - Betting on a college football game is not something that can be done at random if you expect success. You need to understand what variables go into each game if you want to place a smart bet rather than a careless one. There are a few tricks of the trade to remember when betting on a college football game.

Research games
It is important to become educated about the teams, coaches and players when you want to place bet for any game. Find out why one team is favored over the other. Examine offensive production. Look at defensive statistics. Compare home records and road/neutral site records. When you find out why one team is favored, it gives you a better idea if it is a safe bet or a risky one. There is no quicker way to lose money on a game than to bet on a team who you know nothing about.

Pick the best lines
Novice bettors will think it does not matter which sports book you choose when you place a bet. The reality is one sports book can offer a better line than another. The difference of half point or a point can be the margin that separates a win from a loss. Shop around and see which sports book offers a line that you feel most accurately reflects how the game will turn out.

Manage your bets
Resist the urge to go crazy once you pick a game or two for wagering. It is easy to get dollar signs in your eyes and go place a huge bet. Your chances of collecting major winnings are slim. Do not bet more than you can afford to lose. Many people are prone to put themselves in financial stress because they wagered away a mortgage payment on a couple of football games.

The smart bettor is the one who pays attention to the lines and does their homework long before ever putting down a single dollar. Following these tips might not guarantee you will be an instant winner, but they will keep you from becoming a big loser in the world of college football betting.