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Baseball Predictions and Odds MLB Odds: Deadline Seller Philadelphia Rallies in September


Baseball Predictions and Odds
MLB Odds: Deadline Seller Philadelphia Rallies in September

At one point this summer, after five years at the top of the NL East, it looked as if the mighty Philadelphia Phillies had fallen. Their disabled list was full, their luck depleted and the team’s once lofty MLB odds were reduced to mere mortal levels.

The misfortune culminated in the unfamiliar notion that they would be sellers, not buyers, at the 2012 trade deadline. Fast forward to September, however, and it’s a different story.

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Despite that they blew up their roster at a point in the season when it looked as if their playoff hopes were too far gone, the Phillies have rallied themselves up the division standings, into the wild card race and back into contention on the MLB futures.

Now Philadelphia has 20/1 odds of winning the World Series even while they sit a handful of games back from actually claiming the final wild card berth. Without Shane Victorino (gone to the Dodgers at the deadline), and without Hunter Pence (the Giants), the Phillies have clawed their way to relevance in the tough postseason picture.

This week they’ll look to further position themselves in the wild card race by showing up strong in a three-game set against the New York Mets. It may be unlikely that the Phillies rally their way into the playoff bracket, but considering how far they’ve come since “giving up” at the deadline, MLB oddsmakers aren’t ruling it out.

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